Bigfoot Industries was created in 2005 by enthusiasts of extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfing and dirt biking. Sharing a common interest and passion for these sports, we decided to pull our resources and expertise together. Our team has 3 members. And each of us has a vital skill that contributes and compliments the team.

Our mission is to help nurture the young and help create an opportunity that was once a dream. In this short period of time, together with the local government, we have created programs and planned events which benefited both the young and the local community. Situated in the heart of Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, we have created a shop that not only stays true to our passion but also contributes back to the community. It has become a popular haunt for the young and upcoming talents in the world of surfing, skateboarding and motocross.


It is interesting what is achievable when we not only decide what is good for oneself but also for the future of everyone around us.